Genuine Counterfeit Fake News: Today It's Fiction - Next Week It's Above the Fold

Wee Donnie Johnnie just adored GG during his deformative years. On his desk today is a framed brittle newspaper clipping of Gorgeous George. The frame is engraved with GG's words, "Win if you can, lose if you must, but ALWAYS CHEAT!" Words that Wee DJ vowed at the age of thirteen would guide him through eternity. Mwah mwah mwah

When the night housekeeping Supervisor looked in at 0246, there he was. Wee Donnie Johnnie sat slouched at the desk, where he was ... well ... he was ... Yes! Yes, you got it; you filled in the blank, as unseemly as it sounds to actually say aloud. He was staring at that flip chart stand, the one with the laminated stick figure drawing of himself -- the one he thinks is so much more presidential and regal ("I look regal! Absolutely regal!") than the commissioned works -- staring at it and breathing all raspy.

Apparently however, it was not going well. The Supervisor quietly stepped back, easing the door shut, and nodded to the security detail. By now, after most of a year, everyone knew what was to come. Sure enough, within ten minutes the online onslaught commenced. The security team leader was heard to mumble, "not a moron, he's a brain-dead stage-four geriatric twitchy."